VBH scores high for customer satisfaction and service

“Nothing short of excellent” is the motto VBH takes when it comes to customer service and the award-winning hardware supplier was not disappointed when it recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey. The study confirmed high levels of satisfaction across the board, with VBH’s Technical Team and Customer Service Coordinators achieving the excellent score of 95% for their response times. This level of customer satisfaction has been further cemented by VBH winning ‘Hardware Company of The Year’ in the National Fenestration Awards.

In a few areas where satisfaction dropped below ‘Excellent’ VBH investigated immediately. For example, ‘Product Packaging upon arrival at destination’ was rated at only 85% by some customers, which identified room for improvement. After dialogue with those customers, VBH traced the source of the problem to the carrier, which hadn’t handled deliveries correctly on certain routes. As a result, VBH has taken steps to improve deliveries by trialling different carriers.

Louise Eagle, Customer Service Leader at VBH says: “This survey has provided the team and senior management with valuable insight into our customers’ views and ways we can improve our service. We keep a close eye on customer satisfaction, and the survey gives a fantastic overview of how the team is helping UK fabricators and installers. The vast majority of customers are delighted with VBH’s service, and it’s important we continue to make positive changes. Often small tweaks can make all the difference to improving the business and making our customers’ lives easier.”

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